This basic tool made in PICO-8 can be used to make all the chunky pixel art you could ever want.

Runs on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Raspian [A Raspberry Pi's Default OS]

Control Guide:

  • Mouse L-Click: Draw
  • Mouse R-Click: Erase
  • Mouse Wheel: Scroll Vertically
  • Mouse Wheel + Z: Scroll Horizontally
  • X: Toggle Grid and Symmetry lines
  • TAB: Toggle Cursor
  • S and F: Change your pen color
  • E and D: Change your paper color


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Commander Draw: 1.0 6 MB

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How do you change colors?


S and F to change your pen color

E and D to change your paper color

I've updated the program page to reflect this.